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Monday, March 23, 2009

A Certain Disciple

Acts 9:10-19 recounts the events of how the apostle Paul received his sight back after his experience encountering the Lord on the road to Damascus. Verse 10 says that there was “a certain disciple” at Damascus named Ananias; and the Lord spoke to him in a vision and said “Ananias.” And he said, “Behold, here I am. Lord.” The Lord goes on to instruct this disciple to go to a certain house, find Saul (he wasn't known as Paul at this point), lay hands on him and pray for the return of his sight.

There are many lessons for us here. I'd like to share just a few things that struck me. First, I think about the fact that this guy Ananias is described as a “certain disciple.” He's not necessarily some famous preacher or prophet, he's just an ordinary man - a certain disciple. But he is available!

The Lord spoke to him in a vision which seems to indicate that he was postured to hear from God. He also responded with a phrase that we hear many times throughout the Bible spoken by men and women whom God used in mighty and strategic ways. “Here I am, Lord.” He was not only available but he was ready to submit and obey his Lord. He wasn't some super-saint for when he heard who it was that God was sending him to he expressed some apparent fear or trepidation saying that Saul was the man he had heard about who was persecuting and harming the saints. But the Lord tells him that Saul is His chosen instrument to bear His name.

What's amazing to me is that upon hearing this Ananias goes out and actually does what the Lord told him to do. Now that may sound funny to you but this was no easy thing. Put yourself in his shoes. What if you had a vision or dream in which the Lord told you to go lay hands on or speak to someone like Osama bin Laden. Maybe you've already had a dream or vision or heard a word from God to do something. Have you acted on it?

This guy, this certain disciple, this Ananias did and the world was changed because he did. Maybe your life was changed because of what our brother Ananias did. I know mine was. My life was saved through the writings of Paul. What if that certain disciple never followed through on what the Lord had spoken to him?

I want to encourage you seek to be like that certain disciple, to make yourself available to the Lord (set yourself before Him), to listen as He speaks, and to be obedient to His direction. You, too, may have apprehensions like Ananias but walk in obedience and God will take care of you.

In these times we more and more must learn to walk in sensitivity to the voice and Spirit of God. We were made to live in the supernatural, submitted to God's word and Spirit. Who knows if you, certain disciple, may be used to upset the world like our brother Ananias.

God bless you as you make yourselves available to our Lord.

Kerry Crain
Kaua`I House Of Prayer

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