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Monday, March 23, 2009


Here are some thought's from George Muller on giving. George was a man of great trust and faith in Jesus Christ. The Lord used George to run millions of dollars through his hands to support boys home's and orphanages. George died with forty seven cents in his pocket and a big account in Heaven. -LeRoy Metzger

"How much shall I give of what I receive?" The answer is, the New Testament lays down no rule. It is left to the children of God to act according to the measure of knowledge and grace they have received. The appreciation of what God has done for them in Christ should guide them. However, if the Israelite was commanded to give the tenth of all he received, and that the Israelite, in addition to this, had many other expenses in connection with his being a worshipper of the True and Living God, such as the not sowing the seventh year, the going three times a year to the Lord's Tabernacle or Temple, and so on; the believer in the Lord Jesus - who knows the power of His precious blood, shed for the remission of his sins, who has the whole revealed will of God in his hands, who has received the Holy Spirit and who is a partaker of the heavenly calling - should certainly not do less than the Israelite.

We should not say that because we are not Jews, and because no commandment is given, that therefore we may do less than the Jews. Far be this from him who knows the power of the precious blood of Christ!!!

My advice is this: if the reader has as yet but little knowledge and little grace, let him accordingly begin with a small percentage, yea, though it were ever so small a percentage, only let him be true to God, and put aside for him habitually as he may be pleased to prosper him. In this way blessing for the soul will be reaped, will be abundantly reaped, and soon will the desire spring up in the heart to increase the proportion of returns to the Lord. This way will more and more lead the heart to such a state to be only a steward for the Lord, and to be willing to stand with all we have and are before the Lord as his stewards.

Blessing's, George Muller
For more info on George Muller: click here

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